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Project iconTest by Vitinhojapa™
new game...
Downloads: 1289 • Panther
Project iconvitinhojapa by Vitinhojapa™
Downloads: 1076 • Bingo 1.X
Project iconCar Time Trials by tomrow
This was once a Sonic the Hedgehog fan game I made. If you would like to see it, just ask. Doesn't work online. Download...
Downloads: 483 • Insanity 1.2
Project iconInsaniChat by tlangster
A simple chat client....
Downloads: 470 • Insanity 1.2
Project iconCloud Paint by jvvg A
A very simple cloud paint program I wrote using the cloud variables feature in Insanity. Simply click anywhere to draw ...
Downloads: 437 • Insanity 1.1
Project iconFunny Fotos by powerpoint56
This is a funny little photo editor I made. You import a photo, make it look crazy, and then export the new photo onto y...
Downloads: 432 • Bingo 2.0
Project iconTitanium Browser by powerpoint56
A fun little browser I cooked up....
Downloads: 411 • Insanity 1.1
Project iconNew York City by powerpoint56
This project lets you browse a collection of photos of New York. It saves a list of photo URLs that are imported when th...
Downloads: 409 • An unrecognised mod
Project iconHyperactive cat by jvvg_test
Watch this awesome cat run around the screen!...
Downloads: 404 • Insanity 1.1
Project icontesting by LS97 A
testing bingo 2.0...
Downloads: 385 • Bingo 2.0
Project iconInternet connection teller! by SFollis
this will reset the timer, set variable connection to this website, then connection is the delay, and then it puts it in...
Downloads: 377 • Insanity 1.2
Project iconbingoturn by LS97 A
testing up down -load...
Downloads: 372 • Bingo 2.0
Project iconServerMaker1.0 by Devloper123
Downloads: 372 • Bingo 2.0
Project iconPong with high score by jvvg A
A simple pong game Note: it doesn't work at all online and high score doesn't work in Insanity 1.0. INSTRUCTIONS *Move ...
Downloads: 368 • Insanity 1.1
Project iconneed block help by estile
need help getting this block to work, does anyone have suggestions?...
Downloads: 355 • BYOB