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testing bingo 2.0





LS97 A 07 Dec 2012 14:04:52 Bingo 2.0 favourite


Molybdenum - 20 Jan 2013 01:09:58

Hey, remember that comment about demeaning messages by the ST and how they're not actually "demeaning"? People besides me actually agree that the messages make us feel bad. So I'm not the only one.

LS97 A - 20 Jan 2013 09:22:17

OK, I understand your position. Nevertheless you should still not retaliate with more demeaning stuff about them: it just puts you in their same situation.

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William7777 - 09 Jan 2013 05:21:04

But I cannot open my scratch project in bingo 2.0.When I tryed opened it,it says message not understood:CompositeForm.Can you help me?

LS97 A - 09 Jan 2013 16:21:49

Sorry! I didn't realise that there was a bug in the opening procedure. I reuploaded Bingo, try downloading it again from mediafire and it should work.

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William7777 - 08 Jan 2013 01:54:57

Thank you for the bingo 2.0

SJRCS_011 M - 07 Dec 2012 20:28:53

ooh, when's it gonna come out?

LS97 A - 07 Dec 2012 21:30:35

either today or tomorrow, depending on who i can get to test. would you like a copy? i can send you a link through a notification

SJRCS_011 M - 09 Dec 2012 13:54:13


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