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Mod Share Developer Page

Site API

This site employs a very useful API that can be used to get information about projects, users, and more. Details are available at

Site source code

If you are experienced in PHP, you can access the source code for this website on Assembla.

Contribute code

If you find a glitch in this site or feel that a feature is missing and have the code to fix it, you are welcome to submit it to us. To do so, you may do one of the following things:

Adding uploading functionality to your mod

If you want to implement functionality to directly upload from your mod, you can import the following Squeak class definitions:

Alternatively, you can submit a POST request to with the following parameters:

Parameter name Contents
title The title of the project
description The description of the project
mod The mod code of the project (e.g. insanity12 or bingo2)
license The license of the project (pd, ms, or cc)
project The file contents of the project
un The username of the person uploading
pwd The password of the person uploading