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Project iconMalware by JOAMALDO
Downloads: 6 • Insanity 1.2
Project iconNetScratcHTest by 12Men14
wow what?! This is using NEtScratch 1.0.1. I only used the blocks........
Downloads: 14 • Scratch 1.x
Project iconLife Simulator 0.1 by Slivka2306
Make sure to add this project to favorites and like it! Thank you Scratch Wiki for ideas! Tags (please ignore): bingo;...
Downloads: 22 • Bingo 2.0
Project iconDialog script test by stealpop
Click the cat to see script...
Downloads: 16 • Insanity 1.2
Project iconGoogle Search! by 12Men14
Search the Internet using Goolgle!...
Downloads: 30 • Bones
Project iconTest for Something by 12Men14
Testing for something....
Downloads: 24 • Scratch 1.x
Project iconCommand prompt tutorial by Slivka2306
This tutorial will teach you how to make a simple TUI. You will learn how to use Ask [] in dialog and Show dialog conten...
Downloads: 28 • Bingo 2.0
Project iconScratch 2 on ModShare by powerbox100
Scratch 2.0 - on ModShare! In order to work properly, use on Scratch 3.0...
Downloads: 50 • Scratch 3.0
Project iconBingo eReader by DonovanSucksAtTech
Read your files and websites with this amazing eReader...
Downloads: 66 • Bingo 2.0
Project iconGamerChat by DonovanSucksAtTech
Like chatting and talking to others? Try GamerChat--it's free to use!...
Downloads: 66 • Bingo 2.0
Project icontest by AidanER1
Downloads: 111 • Scratch 1.x
Project icon1.4 test by haydenledean
Just a test xD....
Downloads: 116 • Scratch 1.x
Project iconSnap! test by dominic305
I'm trying out both Snap! and Mod Share to see if I like using them....
Downloads: 112 • Snap!
Project iconPaint Test by mesyeti
A simple test......
Downloads: 116 • Insanity 1.2
Project iconServer-Client Connect by vitinhojapa
This project serves to establish and check the connection between two projects....
Downloads: 144 • Bingo 2.0