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Project iconEvil fish by Za_q
Use the mouse to eat the fish...
Downloads: 14 • Scratch 1.x
Project iconPen cat by Za_q
This is a gene where the cat follows your mouse and you haft to tut her the other....
Downloads: 22 • Scratch 2.0
Project iconBrowns sus by Za_q
Downloads: 16 • Scratch 3.0
Project iconBat Shooting Test by InternetExplorer8
Shoot the bats. SPACE!!!!!! This is public domain, so... lol
Downloads: 29 • Scratch 2.0
Project iconPong Remake by InternetExplorer8
Sample Project of Scratch 1x with bonus features. Enjoy! Panther Mod Problems: Undownloadable. Download Panther 1.0 from...
Downloads: 31 • Panther
Project iconGalaxy Flying sim game by InternetExplorer8
avoid asteriods control with the arrow keys Works well in Flash player (if you can use it) or downloaded in Scratch 3! ...
Downloads: 38 • Scratch 1.x
Project iconGalaxy Flying sim 2 by InternetExplorer8
arrow keys included. If you run flash player, use here, else download and use in Scratch 3. I tested (and coded) this is...
Downloads: 25 • Scratch 1.x
Project iconGalaxy Flying sim by InternetExplorer8
watch it should I add more stars? HELP:
Downloads: 25 • Scratch 1.x
Project iconTest by 12Men14
Downloads: 23 • Scratch 1.x
Project iconKatzen-Klicker 1.2.0 for Bones (Deutsch) by InternetExplorer8
Katzen-Klciker 1.2.0 auch für Bones (Scratch mod) Neu ist der projekteigene Mauszeiger... Anleitung: Klick die Katze a...
Downloads: 22 • Bones
Project iconviolet os by suvidhpawar
this is violet os...
Downloads: 26 • Scratch 3.0
Project iconviolet os by suvidhpawar
this is violet os...
Downloads: 23 • Scratch 3.0
Project iconPaper Minecraft v11.5 (Minecraft 2D) remix by Tinevimbonashe
Downloads: 34 • Scratch 3.0
Project iconAlexa Chat bot V1.2 by Tinevimbonashe
Welcome to my latest chatbot. Obviously it isnt a real AIexa, but it tries its best to act like one. I'm trying really h...
Downloads: 36 • Scratch 3.0
Project iconSuper-Paint! Alpha by 12Men14
Downloads: 31 • Scratch 1.x
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