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Project iconStylo OS by kvcodingplatform
||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Stylo OS|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| >>Start The Project >>Click on ...
Downloads: 37 • Scratch 3.0
Project icon by Phone3000
Downloads: 34 • Scratch 3.0
Project iconPitchy Plane by AccSwtch50
Instructions: Press any key other than c or click anywhere other than the classic checkbox to start Press c or click the...
Downloads: 45 • Scratch 2.0
Project iconSharp Clicker by InternetExplorer8
Sharp Clicker 0.1.9. Originally made in Sharp (2.0 mod), but xconverted from hand to scratch 2.0. DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Downloads: 24 • Scratch 2.0
Project iconCat Glitch by InternetExplorer8
Well... Glitching Cats --Haven't been making projects for aa while, sorry about that, but now I'm on again. Need suppo...
Downloads: 26 • Scratch 1.x
Project iconBpm Thing by kitgamr
IF YOU CHANGE THE BPM, PRESS THE FLAG TWICE! This is a project I made due to me throwing a balloon at my screen continu...
Downloads: 24 • Scratch 2.0
Project iconPong by AccSwtch50
Instructions: Single Paddle Goal: Try to keep your ball from reaching the right edge of your screen. When the ball hi...
Downloads: 17 • Scratch 2.0
Project iconMirror test by kitgamr
Kit decided to make a mirrorâ„¢ that can swap sides when you go through it! I don't know how else to explain it. Spen...
Downloads: 38 • Bingo 2.0
Project iconCamera by charmander83
Made with the images extension Click the button to take a picture. the pi...
Downloads: 29 • Scratch 3.0
Project iconSharp Clicker V. 0.4 Scratch2 by InternetExplorer8
Sharp Clicker V. 0.4 Scratch 2 compatible convert In this time I already made a really much newer version with amazzing...
Downloads: 25 • Scratch 2.0
Project iconDrawing by goodpersonsowow
This is like a drawing app. ...
Downloads: 23 • Scratch 3.0
Project iconDrawing by goodpersonsowow
This is like a drawing app. ...
Downloads: 15 • Scratch 3.0
Project iconFalling 0 and 1 by InternetExplorer8
I tried 2 make a matrix rain. Nice try....
Downloads: 26 • Scratch 2.0
Project iconProfessional Paint 1.1 Update by InternetExplorer8
Professional Paint 1.1 is here! You can draw like a pro! Use your screenshot editor to save your image! This patch fixed...
Downloads: 30 • Scratch 2.0
Project iconSpiral DrawX Show Version by InternetExplorer8
Redraws the spiral it draws every time it touches the edge...
Downloads: 26 • Scratch 2.0
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