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#1 2012-03-17 16:58:08

Mod Share Team
Registered: 2012-01-14
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Mod Share is made for mods, so we promise to review every single application for adding more supported mods. However, to do this, we need to know a couple things about your mod. Please follow the below guidelines on what to tell us exactly.

  • Name of mod

  • Download link

  • Site / forum topic of mod

  • Creator(s)

  • Extension that the mod saves in (SB, PT, YPR...)

If you are not the owner of the mod, please get the creator to approve of the addition personally on our site by replying to the topic in which the mod is being discussed.

After you have posted these details, we will review the application. If we deem the mod appropriate for Mod Share, we will add it to the site.
Note that we will refuse mods that contain or link to inappropriate content, mods that have many stolen blocks, or mods that have little added features. The website should also be informative as to what the mod does.
If your mod is still in the beta, please wait until it is officially released before submitting it to us.

By submitting the mod to the site, you agree to let us cache public copies of your mod that we may put up for download on this site. You will be responsible for telling us when your mod is updated; otherwise, we will not update it. Keep in mind that this does not oblige us in any way to update our cache if we deem the new versions of the mod unfit for Mod Share.

LS97 - Mod Share Admin


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