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#1 2012-02-28 16:26:59

Mod Share-er
Registered: 2012-01-26
Posts: 3

ArtRage Development Topic

This is the official topic of ArtRage, a painting project made in Panther. Nothing much yet, just an alpha build of 1.0.

Art Rage History

1.0 Alpha Build 2: Added square brush.
1.0 Alpha Build 1: Created ArtRage and added basic palette..

Latest version


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#2 2012-02-29 16:36:41

Mod Share Team
Registered: 2012-01-14
Posts: 218

Re: ArtRage Development Topic

Nice smile Maybe continue by adding pen drawing support and undo functions smile

LS97 - Mod Share Admin


#3 2012-03-17 08:56:25

Mod Share-er
Registered: 2012-01-26
Posts: 3

Re: ArtRage Development Topic

As soon as MegaMod Platinum is accepted, I will start to re-develop ArtRage.

    • Possibly art lessons
    • A way to import your own brush styles (must be black and white, completely)
    • Way to add frames and image effects
    • Stamps, of course
    • Pen drawing, plus maybe hex code support
    • A color picker


#4 2012-03-27 18:24:49

Mod Share Team (now jvvg)
From: Eastern United States
Registered: 2011-12-25
Posts: 375

Re: ArtRage Development Topic

legorulez101 wrote:

As soon as MegaMod Platinum is accepted, I will start to re-develop ArtRage.

LS97 wrote:

legorulez, I just posted a new sticky guide to applying for mods on Mod Share here.
Could you please do what that says, so that we have a better idea of the mod we're adding?
You'll also need to get jslomba to post an approval personally on this thread

The thread referenced here is located at

Please get jslomba to approve it in a reply to the thread, and we will add it.

Fear me, all powerful forum moderator! tongue


#5 2012-05-26 21:58:29

Mod Share-er
Registered: 2012-05-01
Posts: 80

Re: ArtRage Development Topic

I agree with LS97 big_smile



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