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#1 2012-10-13 08:04:36

Mod Share-er
Registered: 2012-09-24
Posts: 149

2012 US election

what thew title says

who would you vote for ?

  1. barrack obama
  2. mitt romney
  3. nether
Total votes: 1

who do yoiu think will win ?

  1. barrack obama
  2. mitt romney
  3. nether
Total votes: 1

are you happy with the choice of candidates ?

  1. yes
  2. no
Total votes: 1

Poll is closed

R.I.P scratch


#2 2012-10-13 13:25:21

Community Moderator
From: Northeastern United States
Registered: 2012-01-15
Posts: 143

Re: 2012 US election

Please don't post political topics.  They are know to cause unnecessary debates and arguments.
Why don't you discuss it over at the Scratch forums on this topic? smile

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#3 2012-10-13 17:48:02

Mod Share Team
From: United States
Registered: 2012-09-16
Posts: 616

Re: 2012 US election

Yeah, like SJRCS said, while I'm glad you support Obama, we don't have the resources to allow political topics. This forum is subject to the same rules as the misc. forum, and those don't allow political topics.

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