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#1 2023-10-30 17:40:06

New Mod Share-er
Registered: 2023-10-30
Posts: 3

Add TurboWarp support.

I am asking this question because the Scratch Team have suppressed any mention of PenguinMod, which is the only current way to share TurboWarp projects, and also because this site seems to be on tis last legs.

I believe that adding TurboWarp support, despite being a very hard process that might require an almost-total rewrite, could greatly benefit this website. As this mod adds a butt-ton of features to vanilla Scratch 3.0, and with its only source of user sharing being censored on Scratch, could bring the masses of Scratch to Mod Share for the first time since the shutdown of Flash, and it would help attract project creators that might want to create more advanced projects that push the boundaries of what the engine is capable of.


#2 2024-02-23 01:42:39

New Mod Share-er
From: Catland
Registered: 2023-12-04
Posts: 2

Re: Add TurboWarp support.



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